4. Take dream vacation to Louisiana.

(Photography & Written By: Jessica Bilich)

Over 600 million vacation days are left unused each year. It is time for you to use and not lose those vacation days. Start planning for your vacation to Louisiana today on National Plan For Vacation Day!

The last Tuesday in January reminds you to start planning for your vacation. Planning for your vacation doesn’t mean just picking a place to go and booking it. Planning starts way before that step. You have to make sure you schedule time off from work, and it is approved. This task doesn’t have to be a hard especially if you use these three easy steps.

First, you want to determine how much time off you earn. Depending on the company you work for, you are either given a certain amount of vacation days per year or you can accrue time for vacation days. You also want to take in consideration vacation days that must be used for office closures. Please double check with your Human Resources department! Whichever it may be, you want to make sure you can afford the vacation, and I don’t mean the vacation itself. You want to enjoy and relax on your vacation; you don’t want to stress about your finances while you are gone or when you get back. If you get those vacation days, be smart and use them wisely while you are planning your vacation that way you don’t have to worry about losing your monies or not being able to pay for your bills.

Second, you want to coordinate with your boss and co-workers. Why? Well your boss is your boss; they need to know why you aren’t at work, of course. And for your co-workers, you want to make sure you’re not planning to take the same days off throughout the year. Also, you want to have someone in your department at work while you are gone so they can cover your desk. You don’t want to come back from your vacation to a stack of work on your desk, 100 plus emails, and a ton of voicemails. 

Lastly, when you finally decide on your vacations days you will take, share them with your boss and co-workers so your vacation is set in stone and on the calendar!

These proactive steps and communication will make planning your vacation smoother and easier. It will make your request for time off more likely to be approved, and you’ll be one more step away from your desk and one more step closer to Louisiana. 



Published by YaYa Louisiana Tours and Travel

New Orleans native with many years in hotel and hospitality industry. I added Certified Tour Guide experience 5 years ago and loving it! I will help you plan your trip to New Orleans and anywhere in Louisiana whether you group is big or small.

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