Houmas House Plantation & Gardens

A Louisiana Gem

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(Photography & Written By: Jessica Bilich)

As we entered the main entrance gate of the plantation and gardens, a grand Southern mansion emerged from the fog. The architectural and structural elegance of the famous peach house immediately left me in awe.

When I exited the vehicle, the smell of different floral accents filled the air.

As I walked towards the gift shop, my excitement became uncontainable. We received our tickets and exited the gift shop into the Houmas House Plantation & Gardens.

The feeling was unforgettable. The sight was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The skies were gloomy and misty. Yet, it did not feel dark or sad. It was beautiful. It was serene. It was heavenly.

The beauty and calmness became more and more overwhelming the further I walked into the gardens and the closer I got to the house. I even forgot where I was for the moment. It was as if I had entered utopia.

We walked in the mansion and found ourselves on the second floor. Through the windows on the main double doors that lead to the balcony, a hint of yellow lied across the crystal clear surface. We exited the doors. The mist had disappeared. The clouds had parted. The sun is now shining.

Just when I thought the plantation and gardens couldn’t get any more glorious, Mother Nature had proven me wrong.

We exited the mansion to explore the remainder of the gardens. The rays of sunshine reflected off of the assorted greenery, majestic statues, and dramatic waterfalls.

While I stand in the middle of the plantation and gardens, I close my eyes for a second. I feel the sun hit my face. I can hear people talking and laughing. I can smell the fresh flowers and air all around me. Peace and happiness fills my mind, body, and soul.

Houmas House is more than plantation and gardens. It is a Louisiana gem. It is a Louisiana paradise.


Contact us today at 504-915-5454 or at yayalouisianatoursandtravel@yahoo.com for more information. Make Houmas House Plantation & Gardens a part of your Louisiana tour and travel experience. We offer tour services in Spanish. 





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