New Orleans City Park

(Photography & Written By: Jessica Bilich)

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In the middle of the busy city life, there is a magical place in New Orleans called City Park.

City Park has existed since 1854, and it is one of the oldest urban parks in the country. This unique park is 1,300 acres filled with greenery, wildlife, and activities. 

This historical and picturesque park offers so many events and recreations for people of different interests and of all ages. 

You can walk, run, and bike under the oldest live oak trees draped with Spanish moss, or you can take a hike in Couturie forest. You can appreciate the wide variety of art scattered throughout the park. You can engage in sports such as fishing, tennis, and golf.  You can smell the colorful flowers in the Botanical Garden, or you can enjoy a ride on the handmade “flying horses”. 

The history of and things to do in New Orleans City Park are limitless, and the memories you make will live on in your heart forever. #iheartcitypark

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