National Shop for Travel Day


Airport Tranfer

(Photography & Written By: Jessica Bilich)

A new year has begun, and most of us set resolutions for ourselves. Eat healthier. Get more exercise. Focus on self-care. The list goes on and on. I believe another important resolution we all should have is to travel more whether it is one trip or ten trips a year. It is significant, fulfilling, and healthy to travel especially to a place where we can meet new and diverse people. A state we can visit that is different, special, and like no other. A place where we can learn about history and the different cultures and religions of the world. A state where it is okay to live to eat some of the most distinctive and delicious food. A place where relaxation, fun, and happiness is limitless. Take that dream vacation you have always wanted, and come visit us. Visit Louisiana; the travel destination that feels like home. Complete this resolution to travel more by starting to shop for and plan your trip today on National Shop for Travel Day.

National Shop for Travel Day is the second Tuesday in January. This day reminds us not only to start planning our trip ahead of time, but it also reminds us we don’t have to stress when we plan our vacation. We don’t have to settle for a moderate trip, and we don’t have to plan it alone.

There is an abundance of tools and technologies available to help us shop, plan, and book the perfect trip. These resources guide us to choose the accommodations we need and to create the travel experience we truly want while saving time and staying within our budget.

Life is too short,and the year will fly by. Don’t wait any longer to complete your resolution and to live life to the fullest. Your journey begins with just one click, and your destination awaits. Louisiana awaits.





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New Orleans native with many years in hotel and hospitality industry. I added Certified Tour Guide experience 5 years ago and loving it! I will help you plan your trip to New Orleans and anywhere in Louisiana whether you group is big or small.

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